Out Shooting with AT&T


Ok, I didn't name her after a girl.  However, I did name my patrol rifle "Phoebe"....

AT&T was purchased back in a day BEFORE Remington made a purpose built sniper rifle like the later PSS.   AT&T is a Remington 700 "Varmint Special" in .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO).  As such, she has a 26 inch heavy barrel,  gloss blue finish and jeweled bolt.  And although she has a standard, at the time, wood stock and factory bedding she is the best shooting rifle I have ever owned.  Frankly, I am afraid to tinker with her lest I undo some "magic" that allows her to shoot under 1  MOA.

I shoot her with hand loads.  Virgin brass fire formed once to chamber dimensions, and then only neck resized.  I use Remington brass, and 168 grain Hornady Match BTHP and WW748 powder.  I load the round below max to a level which I have found gives better accuracy than loading to max capacity and velocity.  Each powder load is hand measured and the bullet seated so it just touches the rifling when cycled into the action.  The cold bore shot always goes very slightly high and to the left , but then she settles down to tack driving accuracy.


   Click it to see the close up image. 

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