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I became a cop because of Kitty Genovese.  Kitty may or may not have been a good person, I really don't know, but she was a human being and was stabbed to death on a NYC street with dozens of spectators, none of whom raised a hand to help.  I thought that was wrong.  I became a cop to try to be there so another Kitty would not happen.  At least not on my watch .

Having gone into police work to "save the world" and "make a difference" I have, since youthful idealism gave way to mature reality, settled into trying to be a fair and honest cop.  I try to "be there" for the citizens; try to do a good job for my city;  most importantly, for me at least,  I try to "be there" for my fellow officers.

I retired from NNPD as a Sergeant after 35 years of service on December 31, 2011.

Watch III North Patrol

A few years back.


NNPD markings 2000

 Sergeant's Response Vehicle  (My Former Ride)


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HEY! Are you being careful out there?

Know the deal? 

Got the edge? 

Are you slipping or getting lazy?

 Are you are at risk?

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