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Gary "Frenchy" LaTour was stationed at DaNang during the same time period I was, and eventually both of us were assigned to the off-base bomb dump- ASP.  

He was ultimately assigned to ASP-10, a 50 foot tall tower at the south-west corner of the complex.  After not knowing of each others whereabouts for 27 years, he stumbled onto my web site, and we have been sharing some memories of places and friends of long ago. 

Gary has been kind enough to provide some pictures from his collection for addition to my site. 




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The South fence line at ASP pre-dawn, as viewed facing west from around ASP-5.  Visible is the line of towers and bunkers manned by 366th SPS.   My old bunker, "ASP-7 Alpha", is the dark square structure just beyond the  stacks of empty bomb containers and just short of and behind the first tower.   The interior perimeter road stretches to the west.  And Frenchy's tower ASP-10 should be third down the row.


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The sign announcing your arrival at the "garden spot" of "Tourane" and of I Corps.  Camp Swampy!

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Paul Smith (left), and "Frenchy" LaTour (right), awaiting the "Freedom Bird."  They don't know who took the picture, or who took the camera for that matter.  They say it was some kid on a Honda 50! (just kidding)

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The REAL China Beach.  Honest!

Left to right- Charlie MacCrady, Jerry Kluth, Paul Smith, Don Shellhammer,  Steve Olsen,  Gary LaTour.   Photo taken by a "Cowboy" who took this camera too...  Seems like you'd have learned by now Gary.

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