In response to the escalating air base defense needs in the mid to late 1960's period during the Vietnam War, the USAF Security Police added the M-706 (Cadillac Gage V-100) to it's vehicle inventory, and "acquired" a number of M-113 and M113A1 ACAV vehicles, for use in their airbase defense roles.  Although the USAF museum pretty much ignores the M-113, and in general the overall ground combat commitment of the USAF Security Police, it was clear we were using them "officially" in documentation handed out during Security Police Combat Preparedness training by 1970.


The use of these two vehicles continued through the end of USAF Security Police  involvement in the war, and were used for a short time in the mid 1970's as response vehicles  at several stateside bases:  M-113's at Nellis AFB, Nevada; and two M-706's at Langley AFB, Virginia.  Ultimately, these were retired and  the USAF developed it's own specialized "armored" response vehicle in the form of the "Peacemaker,"  which was essentially an lightly armored body mounted on a dodge truck chassis. 

It is my understanding that even these were ultimately retired, and replaced with HUMVEE vehicles with an add on armor package.  Certainly during the Gulf War I saw no pictures of anything other than some Humvee's being used in USAF Air Base Defense roles.  This doesn't mean other vehicles didn't either exist nor used as, given the Vietnam experience, I have no doubt that  area commanders and units would  again "acquire" genuine armored fighting vehicles if the need became pressing.

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