Like  Bill Mauldin's "Joe and Willy" cartoons of WW2 we had Michael T. Hodgson (USMC), "Sgt. Mike", whose cartoons reflected the "been there, done that" humor that almost all those serving could recognize.  The trouble was his cartoons were about an "unpopular war."  

His commentaries on Vietnam, and the military in general,  still leave me chuckling 30 years later. There are "universals" to the service in them that all veterans, of all branches, can identify with. I bought the book "With Sgt. Mike in Vietnam" in the BX early in my tour and came to appreciate the things Hodgson poked fun at more with each passing day "in country."  He made the stay more endurable.

Consider the contemporary comment that you could not tell the VC from the civilians.....


wpe90464.gif (40353 bytes)

Lemme guess Gunny... The one with the rifle is the VC, right?


And EVERYONE has had at least one new Lt. like this......


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Anyway, my hat remains doffed to "Sgt. Mike" wherever he is, and whatever he is doing today. With sincere gratitude I must say....."Thanks Mike!"

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